Which diet is the best for my morphotype?



Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier or gain weight, the means to achieve your goal will be different depending on your body type.
There are 3 different types of morphology and depending on your type, the diet must be adapted:


People of the ectomorphic type have the following characteristics:

-thin or skinny
-long muscles
-slender and dry silhouette
-difficulty to bulk up
-Fine bone structure
-eats a lot but doesn’t get fat
-difficulty in gaining mass for men
-few shapes for women (small breasts, no hips)
-predisposition for endurance sports such as running
-Very fast metabolism
-Nervous people

What to do if your are an ectomorph ?

This type of figure needs a sharp and precise diet to have a more muscular and drawn body. The mass gain diet is adapted to help them be more robust.
Ectomorphs consume carbohydrates very quickly to transform them into energy, they do not store much.

In men, it is difficult to maintain muscle mass and in women there is little fat on the hips and chest. These people are often looking for a way to maintain their weight without having to eat as often, especially since their appetite is quite reduced.

When stressed, they tend to burn calories and lose weight. They take refuge in addictive behaviours such as alcohol and tobacco. They are prone to hypoglycemia if they skip meals.

If the objective is to gain weight, it is recommended to follow a weight gain program because this program allows you to gain 75% muscle and 25% body fat.

They are strong in endurance sports but lose weight after exercise. They have to watch themselves to keep their strength up. They have the physical characteristics of a marathon runner, they have a predisposition for athletics.


The mesomorph has the following characteristics:

– Fit body if watch the food
– Overweight if no attention to nutrition
– Muscle fairly developed if exercice
– Can gain weight easily
– Can lose weight easily
– Normal figure
– Quite active
-Normal bone structure
-Predisposition for active sports such as tennis, climbing, rowing

What to do if your are a mesomorph ?

Mesomorphs must be careful with their daily calories, if they are not careful they gain weight. Reducing calories helps them lose quite easily. They use nutrients well and must have a balanced diet.

The diets that suit them are food rebalancing and low carb or low-calorie diets if they have too much weight due to lack of attention to their lifestyle.
To maintain their fitness weight, they need regular and complete physical activity, cardio and strength training.

The endomorph has the following characteristics:

– Developed and short muscles
– Tendency to gain weight
– Difficulty losing weight
– Often calm and tired
– Bulk muscle mass easily
– Slow metabolism
– Heavy bone structure
– High fat mass
– Woman’s figure with developed hips and chest
– Strong man’s silhouette
– Predisposition to strength sports such as judo, rugby.

What to do if your are an endomorph ?

This metabolism is the most difficult for weight loss but when properly managed, this morphotype is the most robust.
In times of stress, endomorphs tend to gain weight and take refuge in food (emotional impulses)

The diets that suit them are not related to calories.
The endomorphic person gains weight because he does not use carbohydrates as an energy source, he stores them as fat immediately.
He can do hours of cardio and not lose a gram.

The ideal for them is intense but short physical activity.
For example, 30 minutes of spinning (bike sprint session), 3 times a week. No need to do 1H30 on a treadmill, it will not work. (HIIT, boxing, cycling, zumba, swimming)

His diet must be low in carbohydrates and high in protein, normal in fat.
The Low carb diet is good but not sufficient because after a while the endomorph adapts and his metabolism slows down. It takes carbohydrate-rich days from time to time to wake up the body as it goes into economy mode.

The endomorph is the most resistant morphotype in nature, it can last several days of fasting, without suffering from hypoglycemia, or losing weight. Low-calorie diets are not suitable for this body type at all.
Endomorphic people store fat easily despite their strong muscles, they often try low-calorie diets because they cope with the lack of food without feeling dizzy.


It is possible to fall a little between 2 morphotypes depending on your genetic predispositions. Once you have recognized the morphotype you belong to, it is much easier to adapt your diet plans.

Article written by Elsa , RD Dietician for Foodvisor

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