What is Clean Eating ?

clean eating

Clean eating, which means “Healthy Eating”, is a trend that comes from Californian nutritionist Tosca Reno.

Is Clean eating classified as a diet?

It is not a diet but rather a healthy lifestyle that will help you regain your health, fitness and shape by choosing the most natural and simple foods possible.
This method of eating favours natural or organic foods as much as possible or without pesticides. Most of the food we eat comes from sectors that are not environmentally friendly. Very often the use of pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs, additives, chemicals, synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, colourings make food “contaminated with toxins”.We accumulate waste and our body is saturated.
Clean eating favours simple, raw and natural foods and keep you away from industrial, processed, refined and processed products.

How to implement Clean eating into practice?

Overall, the caloric intake is reduced and the meat intake is limited, especially red meat, whose production is extremely polluting and the excess is harmful to the body.
You can continue to eat anything but by necessity, you will eliminate industrial foods, too salty, too sweet, too fatty, and you will lose a few pounds that accumulate because of inflammatory foods.
Inflammation in the body causes weight gain, joint pain, autoimmune diseases, skin problems, acne, psoriasis, greyish complexion, dark circles.

With Clean eating, regain the health and radiance of your skin! This diet is rich in antioxidants and provides an anti-aging effect.

Why is it important to choose the right food?

The presence of traces of antibiotics in meat and chicken considerably alters our intestinal flora (or microbiota) and this causes permeability of the enterocyte barrier. Thus large molecules cross into the bloodstream and create immune reactions, intolerances, allergies, autoimmune diseases, skin problems, thyroiditis, joint diseases etc….
On the other hand, antibiotics attack both bad and good bacteria and are consumed on a daily basis, leaving room for yeasts such as Candidas Albicans, which overgrow in the intestine and cause strong digestive disorders and fungal infections throughout the body.
Clean eating allows you to make healthy food choices and reduce your overall consumption a little.

What is the strong point of Clean eating ?

This program allows you to eat everything without excluding any food group, you can find all the information on the Foodvisor application and start eating “healthy”.

Written by Elsa , RD Dietician at Foodvisor

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