Top 5 weightloss sports

Top 5 weightloss sports

There are 2 types of sport:
Endurance sports that are of relatively low intensity but that last a long time, such as hiking, cycling ( 1 hour minimum). They make it possible to draw on fat reserves.

Strength sports that are intense but do not last long, such as strength training. They mainly help to develop muscles but not necessarily to lose fat.
Unless they are performed according to the HIIT method, a very intense but very short exercise method with breaks.

The ideal is to alternate the different practices so that the body does not get used to a movement. The more he is used to it, the less energy it consumes (so it draws less from fat). Here are some activities you can alternate:


1H to 1H30 of walking per day allows you to burn calories without requiring too much effort on your breath. Except for mountain hiking.
It gives thinner and stronger legs.
Walking limits the impact on joints induced by jumps.
Calories lost: 280kcal for 1 hour of average walking (70 kg person)


Running can allow you to spend an extremely high amount of calories.
On the other hand, it makes the heart and breath work.
It is a fairly complete endurance sport but difficult at first.
That’s why it’s advisable to alternate running and walking when you start.
Calories lost: 490 kcal for 1 hour of jogging (70 kg person)


Cycling is an endurance sport that involves not only legs but also energy, endurance and agility.
The advantage is that you can make adjustments that allow you to use your muscles more or less hard.
This practice allows you to burn a lot of calories per hour while limiting shocks and impacts on joints.
Calories lost: 560 kcal for 20 km of cycling in 1 hour (70 kg person)


This sport is known to work the back muscles. Swimming burns more calories because the pressure of the water acts in addition on the blood circulation and requires more energy
The must is the bike in the water: a double activity ultra effective on cellulite.
Calories lost: 700 kcal for 1 hour of swimming (70 kg person)


Fitness is the sport in group classes such as zumba, crossfit, fast dance classes. This physical activity allows you to work on breathing, muscle strengthening and flexibility through stretching.
Calories lost: 490 kcal for 1 hour of aerobics in the gym ( 70 kg person)


All you have to do is find the activity that suits you best! These are inexpensive activities that can be done indoors or outdoors, require little equipment and are accessible to the greatest number of people.

It takes 3 sports sessions per week to lose weight and 1 to 2 sessions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget your 30 minutes of daily walking!

Article written by Elsa Orivel RD Dietician at Foodvisor

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