The story of Gaetan who lost 40 lbs in 2 months

We were very happy to meet Gaetan who has been using Foodvisor for a few months and who shared his personal experience with us.

“I injured my shoulder and gained a lot of weight. I wanted to return to sport and to combine it with a healthy diet. That’s why I downloaded Foodvisor. I found the app by doing some research on the App Store and I chose it because it seemed much faster and less tedious than the other apps with the picture to log your food.

At first, I found it fun to take pictures of my dishes and then it quickly became a habit. It is really a grip: once you have the app, automatically you take pictures of your meals and when you see the nutritional facts and the photos of your meals, you realize that there are some things that you do wrong and you adapt your diet in consequence.

I realized that my food portions were too large, that I was above my goal of calories and that a lot of my meals were not balanced. I completely changed my eating habits! Now I eat in small plates, I weigh my food and I use the app to get nutritional facts. It is a little thanks to Foodvisor that I lost 28 lbs in one month!

I still love to eat but I pay more attention to the food I eat. With Foodvisor, I know what I eat, what’s in the food I eat and I have the calorie intake. I try not to exceed the recommended calorie count and not to overeat. I have been able to reduce the quantities and I also pay attention to the quality of the food.

Most of all, I realized that you can lose weight and pay attention to what you eat and enjoy eating at the same time. It really changed the way I feel about food.

Now I feel really good about myself and I have gained confidence. I lost 40 lbs in total in 2 months and I resumed the sport. I workout every day : I go to the gym very often and I’m in a soccer club. My new goal is to become a sports coach!

Thanks Gaetan we are really proud of you!

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