The Beach Body Challenge

What are the principles ?

The beach body challenge is a preparation of your body for the sunny days. Before you go on holidays at the beach, anticipate by losing the extra winter pounds and prepare your skin for the sun with a healthy diet. This program allows you to lose up to 4 kilos ( 8 pounds)  in 4 weeks and get back into shape for the sunny days.

The 3 golden rules

1/ Start paying attention to your shape in the spring

Do not wait for the last minute, because fast weight loss leads to even greater weight gain. It is better to have a weight loss rate of between 1 and 4 kg per month in order not to disrupt the metabolism and avoid getting the fat back.

2/ It is necessary to melt fat mass and preserve the muscle
Low-calorie diets reduce dietary intake and create a caloric deficit between the calories burned by exercise and the calories ingested.
This system is now being challenged and used less and less because it is not effective. It slows down the metabolism and causes as much muscle as fat to be lost. We are therefore witnessing weight loss but no fat loss.
The Beach Body Challenge, like all Foodvisor programs, emphasizes the preservation of muscle mass through the calculation of daily protein levels.

3/ Recovering a healthy overall lifestyle is essential
The Beach Body Challenge is not only a program that gives dietary advice. In order to regain your summer shape, it is also necessary to take control on several levels.
In terms of sport, sleep, stress, consumption of fruit and vegetables, the rhythm of sunshine hours. Spring is the time to get back on track and regain the vitality that had diminished during the winter. Find all the practical advice for a healthy lifestyle and the advice of dieticians within the program.

The little extra about the Beach Body program
The Beach Body program takes advantage of this to give you all the foods that prepare the skin for tanning!  Some of the elements found in the diet help to fight sunburn, the effects of age and maintain the pretty colour of the tan.

To get started now, go to the Foodvisor application đŸ˜ŠđŸ„•đŸ‘™

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