A tonic body for 2018? Follow the method!

Happy New Year! 🎉

2018 is here! It’s time to slow down with the festivities and to focus on the recovery process. You’ve had your share of foie gras, holiday logs and many other delicious treats but it’s time flush and restart the machine for another new year!
Don’t panic! The damage is already done but you’re not too far gone. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of work to do but it needs to be done right. The first step is to balance your diet while the second is to get up and active! It may be cold outside but don’t let this stop you. This problem is easily remedied with a good warm-up, insulated clothing and a positive attitude.


It’s very simple to rid ourselves of the small fat cells called adipocytes that we’ve built up stored over the holiday season. Think of these adipocytes as reinforced and locked trunks. If one were to only do cardio, this would be the senselessly attacking the trunk but to no avail. Ultimately, you’ll be burning calories with little effect on the overall fat content. This isn’t to say that you won’t lose weight but rather to say that the aftermath will include flabby skin and an untoned body. You have to think muscles too!


The key to unlocking the trunk is to use the adrenergic pathways. In simple terms, you need to release the adrenaline by putting your body in a tolerable state of stress. The best way to do this is to take on intensive exercises followed by extended low-intensity exercises.


Once you’ve built up the recovery motivation, you should begin with warm-ups:

– Neck, shoulder, pelvic rotations are a good start. 15 rotations for each should suffice but don’t forget to change-up directions.
– Wrist and elbow rotations.
– A few squats will help to warm up your knees and ankles. Try doing around 20 of these.
– Jumping-jack are the traditional warm-up that we all know quite well. You can raise your heart rate and get the blood flowing. 20 of these should get your heart pumping.
– High-knees are another well-known warm-up. 30 of these is a good start.

Choose your level and engage in the following exercises immediately after the warm-up:

Warning! Be sure to read the following exercises carefully in order to perform them correctly.

Level 1: Those with sedentary and inactive lifestyles:

– 10 Jumping Jacks
– 10 Mountain Climbers
– 10 Hip Thrusts
– 10 high knees
– 20 second Plank

2 min. break
Cycle through this list three times.

Level 2: Non-sedentary, regular and light physical activity

– 10 Sprawls
– 20 Jumping Jacks
– 10 Push-ups
– 20 Squats
– 20 Jump Squats
– 1 min Plank

1’30 break
Cycle through this list three times.

Level 3: Natural Athletes looking for higher impact routines.

– 10 Burpees
– 50 Jumping Jacks
– 20 Jump Squats
– 15 Push-ups
– 30 Mountain Climbers
– 30 sit-ups
– 1.5 min Plank

1 min break
Cycle through this list three times. If your confident in your strength then you should give lateral planks a try on your 2nd and 3 cycle.

Level 4: Pure Athletes

– 15 Burpees
– 29 Squat Lunges
– 50 Jumping Jacks
– 20 Push-ups
– 30 Squats
– 40 Mountain Climbers
– 2 min Plank

Cycle through this list four times. If your confident in your strength then you should give lateral planks a try on your 2nd and 3 cycle.

Each routine should take you roughly 10-20 min. Once you finish, take a light jog for 20 – 30 min or go for a fast paced walk.

Ideally, you should repeat these routines 2-4 times a week depending on your fitness level and goals. Get up and get started!

Good luck and don’t forget to reward yourself with something good. I suggest trying our low-fat King’s Cake recipe! 😉

Article written by Marie Giacchetti, Nutrition and Sports consultant.

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