How to go about a healthy day ?

Every meal, ranging from breakfast to dinner, are essential to stay in shape all day long. But what should you eat at breakfast to be full ? What ingredients should one eat to be energized all afternoon ? What about diner, so that you sleep well? Here are a few tips to eat healthy meals.


To eat well is equivalent to eating a little bit of everything, but in the necessary quantities. More precisely, one should favor the consumption of ingredients that are good for one’s health (fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, fish and meat), and one should restrict the consumption of greasy, salty or sweet foods (sweets, sodas, meats, chips etc..).

No ingredient or food is forbidden or miraculous. Indeed, a balanced diet is something that happens on the span of 7 days, or, in other words, 14 meals. If you eat a copious meal, you should simply eat lighter meals the following days.

A day’s balanced diet should contain 3 meals :

– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Dinner


Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It allows you to end a 8-12 hours period of fasting. Breakfast is crucial because your body needs energy to start a long day.
A healthy breakfast help to reduce tiredness, and increases one’s capacity to focus and memorize, while at the same time decreasing snacking envies.

Here are the basic stages of a healthy breakfast:
– 1 cereal product: whole bread, rye bread, or cereal bread, as long as there is not too much sugar. (Oat flakes are the less sugary cereals).
– 1 dairy product: a glass of milk, a yogurt or yogurt of white cheese.
– 1 fruit: fresh, in season, a fruit juice 100% pure fruit, or a fruit sauce without added sugar. Favor kiwis, strawberries, grapefruits or oranges for their amount of vitamin C.
– 1 drink: tea, coffee, water

One can also add, within reason, some protein: eggs or ham for example.

If you do not consume any dairy products, replace them with soy products or a vegetal milk enriched in calcium

Here is a classic breakfast:
– 2 toasts with butter and jam
– 1 bowl of semi-skimmed milk with chocolate
– 1 organic orange juice

If you do not have time to eat breakfast, elect to eat a nomad breakfast composed of a cereal bar, a drinkable yogurt, a fruit sauce or a fruit. You could eat that on the way to work.


A good meal, could be lunch or dinner, has to be done the following way:
– 1 serving of cooked or uncooked vegetables (80 to 100g)
– Some meat or fish or eggs (approximately 100g)
– 1 serving of carbs: whole wheat bread, pasta, rice, precooked wheat.

The quantity of carbs or vegetables have to be greater than the animal product.

– 1 dairy product: piece of cheese (30g), a yogurt or white cheese yogurt.
– 1 fruit raw or cooked as desert

From time to time, one can stray away from this with a patisserie, a chocolate mousse instead of the fruit.

At night, one should favor fruits, vegetables and fish.

Use dinner as a way to balance your day if you had a copious meal at lunch ;).
For example, if you ate cheese at lunch, favor a yogurt at night.

Here are 2 examples of menus:

Mousseline of red beets
Chopped steak
Apple and banana sauce, no added sugar

Cucumber with chives and cream
Porc stir fry
Extra slim green beans
Comté cheese

NB: During and in between meals, do not forget to drink water. Water is essential to the organism.

In the end, if you have a little envy between breakfast and dinner, do not hesitate to eat a fruit, a fruit sauce or a yogurt to balance the envy for a sweet 😉

Article written by Amélie Vincent, dietitian.

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