Sport would keep people young longer


Sport against cellular aging: explanations 

The practice of intensive physical activity would keep intact the ends of each chromosome, the telomeres, and thus slow cellular aging.

The comparison of shape and telomere length between healthy and non-athletic athletes and non-smokers revealed, unsurprisingly, that athletes had a higher fitness level: slower heartbeat, tension Lower arterial blood pressure, lower body mass index (BMI) … and longer telomeres.

The physical exercise of the professionals leads to the activation of the enzyme telomerase, and stabilizes the telomeres, keeping the cells in better condition. In other words, the more active the telomerase is and the less the cells are degraded.

An anti-aging effect

It had already been shown that in smokers or overweight people, telomeres were shorter and the cell life less. Physical exercise would thus prevent the aging of the cardiovascular system and would be a proof of the “anti-aging” effect of the sport.


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