Foodvisor , the calorie tracker that helps you reach your goals

Foodvisor is a mobile application that allows you to use artificial intelligence to fill up you diet diary.

The value of the food diary

Note and take pictures of everything you eat
Get an overview of the amount of food you eat every day
Keep track of all the photos of your meals and have an overview per day and per week of your eating habits

The value of macronutrient calculation

If you need to lose weight because your BMI is too high or because you eat poorly or your body shape has changed and you can no longer live with it.
Foodvisor allows you to record all your food by taking pictures of it, no need to write everything down all the time.
Beyond the daily number of calories, Foodvisor gives you the level of Protein, Carbohydrates and Lipids to reach every day. ( these are the macronutrients)

If you lack protein and exceed carbohydrates and/or fat, you will gain weight and lose muscle. You will lack energy and be more prone to infections. This can even happen with an normal range BMI.

If you consume your protein level and are slightly below the carbohydrate target, inevitably, your body will have to draw on your fat stock.
If sugar and starch intake is reduced, the body looks for a source of glucose for the brain. It will then draw from the liver and storage fats.

The Foodvisor method is therefore simple, you fill in the food journal and, as a game, you try to complete the protein target without ever exceeding the carbohydrate and fat limits!
The level of fibers is very important for your health and to feed your microbiome (intestinal flora) which needs it as a substrate. Achieving the recommended fiber level helps to stabilize weight and satiety.

Why dieting no longer works on you ?

More important than calories, it is especially important that you consume enough protein to always achieve your given goal. And you should never exceed that in carbohydrates. You can do this by removing sugars and starches in the evening ( LOW CARB Program)
The body needs time to achieve a melting of fats and especially it needs the fuel of weight loss. The less you eat and the more you eat poorly, the less you have the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) needed to burn fat.

To lose weight in good Health without deficiencies you need 3 things:

Eat enough protein
Limit carbohydrates to a minimum and remove sugars (low carb)
Eat fibers, vegetables “all you can eat”
Eliminate cooked fats, fried foods and deli meats

Walking, swimming, cycling, relaxation
30 min per day of walking + 3 times a week 1 activity or a gym class.
Avoid any form of stress, which causes cortisol and blood sugar levels to rise = abdominal weight gain.

Omega 3 (if deficiencies, weight no longer decreases), eat fatty fish such as salmon.
Magnesium (420 mg daily requirement) found in almonds in particular.
L-carnitine (an amino acid that participates in fat burning), it is part of the proteins.
Vitamin D (winter supplementation)
A multivitamin supplement with everything in it. Especially if you have been on unsuccessful diets.
Once a year do a liver detox with plants.

Without all of this, the body is out of breath, deficient, it no longer functions. Weight loss is a major burning mechanism. It’s like wanting to make a big fire without putting wood to burn.

The daily report

The app will calculate using your profile (height, weight, age, activity level) the number of calories and macronutrients you need based on the weight you want to achieve.

If you want to gain weight because your BMI is too low, it is again with to micronutrients that you will succeed. The number of calories is not enough, it is an indicator but it has its limits. We know that calories are not equal, but it is the distribution of macronutrients that makes everything.

The daily report allows you to understand which types of foods go together and which ones to choose and the others to limit.
The most fatty and sweet ones will be distinguished by FLOP and the most balanced by TOP

Article written by Elsa dietician at Foodvisor.
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