Don’t have time for sports? Can’t put training sessions in your schedule? Here’s a solution that should work for you! 

Instead of multiplying the sports sessions by 45 minutes, multiply the sprints by 30 seconds. Indeed, according to this study, very intense activities over short durations bring as many health benefits as long conventional sessions.

In practice, giving yourself 6 times for 30 seconds and 3 times a week on a bike or running, much like our children play in the playground, is as effective as 45 minutes’ Training. This saves you a lot of time, especially since running around several times for 30 seconds is time to get to the baker or to catch the bus.

If you have not been sporting for a long time and you are over forty, consider checking in with your doctor before you start. This recommendation is valid for both sprints and more traditional activities …

Source: Baker J.S. et al., Res. Sports Med., 15 (2): 77-92, 2007