Preparation time: 10 minutes


– Half a carrot.
– 1 chicken cutlet.
– 1 shallot.
– Half of can of corn.
– 1/3 pound of red beans.
– 1 ounce of lamb’s lettuce.
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil
– 3 ounces of quinoa
– 1 ounce of feta cheese
– 1 ounce of red pepper
– Spices of your choice


1. Cook the quinoa in boiling water.
2. Meanwhile, wash and cut the plants in cubes. Slice the shallot.
3. Cut the chicken into cubes and marinate in 10ml olive oil and spices of your choice.
4. Cut the feta into a cube.
5. Sauté the chopped shallot in the remaining olive oil before adding the marinated chicken.
6. Rinse red beans and canned corn. In the container of your choice, dress the salad, starting with the lamb’s lettuce. Add remaining and mix.



– The quantity of quinoa or vegetables can vary according to your desires, if you want more starchy, add quinoa or rice!

– For a vegetarian recipe, simply replace the chicken with firm tofu!

Written by : Alex Zhang, student in nutrition