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You hear about it often but you have never dared to ask the difference, probiotics are everywhere and prebiotics then?



Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Saccharomyces are living microorganisms that form the microbiota formerly called the intestinal flora.

Our intestine contains 1.5 kilos of bacteria that participate in digestion but also in the secretion of serotonin and 80% of the immune response.

The intestine is therefore considered our second brain because it houses a nerve center that interacts directly with the brain.

When the microbiota is unbalanced, we speak of dysbiosis, which causes many health problems such as bloating, fatigue, weight gain.


prébiotiques foodvisor Prebiotics are fibers that are the food of probiotics.
Each probiotic has its favorite prebiotic, the more varied your diet, the more you will eat a diversity of probiotics.

-If you run out of fiber, probiotics eventually die and deplete the microbiota.

-If you don’t eat enough variety, some of the probiotics don’t get fed and die. This creates a dysbiosis by imbalance because of the bacteria that survive become too numerous.

You can consume prebiotics in the form of fruits and vegetables but also the form of food supplements.


probiotique dysbiose foodvisor There is no point in taking probiotics as supplements if you don’t consume fiber to allow them to grow and survive.

Probiotics must be chosen carefully because they all have different roles and they all have their importance.

Lack of fiber can affect your digestion, but also your immunity, your weight, and your serotonin secretion. Dysbiosis can lead to signs of depression, anxiety, skin problems, and many other symptoms.

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The article was written by Elsa Orivel Dietician-Nutritionist