Natural solutions against bloating

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Your stomach is swollen and you get the impression that it is never flat. Do you have stomach heaviness and bloating? Despite sports and diet, your weight doesn’t move?

Bloating is a sign of an imbalance in the intestinal flora, which causes weight gain and stop the process of weighloss


The intestinal flora is now called the microbiota, and it consists of 2 types of microorganisms:

-Fermentation flora (yeasts and fungi such as candida albicans)
-Putrefaction flora ( bacteria)

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  • The two types of micro-organisms live together and are essential for digestion but also for the control of infections by pathogenic bacteria or parasites.When the two flowers become unbalanced, we observe different disorders :The excess fermentation flora will cause strong bloating, a lot of (odourless) gas, migraines, pain, digestive disorders, physical and cerebral fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, skin problems and will eventually to a leaky gut syndrome and cause autoimmune reactions.
  • The putrefaction flora will complicate the digestion of proteins and generate malodorous gases and intestinal cramps.It is necessary to balance the 2 types of flora. Candida albicans is the yeast that develops most easily because it feeds on sugar (sugar and starches, flours, carbs,  bread, pasta, beer, alcohol….). It causes strong ballooning, which causes the stomach to swell. If candidias develop too much, they infest the intestines but also the blood, skin, nails, and give rise to candisosis and fungal infections. Candida recovers all the essential nutrients and transforms everything into fat. This causes weight gain and deficiencies.

In order to stop the bloating , it is necessary to :

1/ Do the detox diet for 5 to 10 days

2/ Remove all sugars, follow a low carb diet to starve albicans candidas

3/ Take a food supplement that kills bad bacteria (based on plants and powdered foods)

4/ Take probiotics to put good bacteria back into the environment

5/Use garlic, ginger, turmeric, lemon juice, essential oils of oregano and noble laurel.


The choice of probiotics is very important because there are many probiotics and they are not equal. There are food supplements dedicated to these imbalances. Magnesium chlorophyll or essential oils work very well too. Contact us on the Foodvisor application if you are affected by this fairly common problem.

Article written by Elsa Orivel , RD Dietician at  Foodvisor

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