rentrée meal plan

The Summer Holidays are already over! And yes, once again, summer is over, the hot season has allowed us to recharge, to fill up with sunshine and colorful fruits.

For some, it is also a time for relaxation and endless afternoons of barbecue and rosé wine!

To get back into a good rhythm and not to be overwhelmed by the stress of the new school year, here are 3 tips:

 1/ Follow menus to resume a dietary routine

September is the end of the summer, the seasonal fruits will soon change. During the summer period, you have eaten frugally and chaotically in terms of schedules. To get back to a balanced and seasonal routine, we offer you 4 weeks of menus to follow with 3 main courses and healthy snacks. You will find all the menus in the new application program. The summer fruits are still a little bit there and the winter fruits are starting to arrive, difficult for you to find your way around.

This will allow you to regain good eating reflexes without wasting your time looking for inspiration for mid-season meals.

2/ Resume a weekly physical activity

sport Foodvisor

After the summer vacations, activities resume, don’t forget to sign up for a weekly activity.

Ideally, you should walk 30 minutes a day and do 3 sessions of sport a week more or less intense depending on your needs, maintenance or performance.

  • 1 Strengthening session: indoor classes, weight training, HIIT, climbing, pilates, etc.
  • 1 session of cardio, running, cycling, aquabike, zumba, fast dance
  • 1 session of soft sport, stretching, yoga, bar on the ground The return to school is the time to spend yourself because when winter is here, the motivation will be less!

3/ Organize your schedule to make room for meditation and to anticipate the stress of the recovery.

emploi du temps foodvisor You have a ton of files waiting for you on the desk, the children who change the rhythm, a wardrobe to store and sort, etc. … So many things that can overwhelm you as soon as you get back to work.

Have an agenda to organize yourself so that you can keep some time to breathe because you know that stress causes weight and health problems, it is better to prevent than to cure.

You are ready to face it! Don’t forget that in autumn it will be necessary to think of making a detox of change of season 😉



For more information find us on the app Foodvisor!

Article written by Elsa Orivel Dietician-Nutritionist