Organic, fashionable effect or real health benefit?

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“Eating organic” is an increasingly common way of life in our society. Organic products are multiplying in supermarkets. Is it a fashion effect? Are organic products better for our health? Amélie, a dietician for the application of nutrition Foodvisor tells us everything.

What is an organic product?

To begin, it is important to understand what an organic product is. Organic products are often displayed next to diet products in supermarkets. However, health food products are not necessarily organic. They should not be confused 😉
Organic products are distinguished by their label: the organic label.

Organic products, with an organic label, comply with strict regulations. These regulations prohibit pesticides, chemical fertilizers, synthetic fertilizers, and seeds from GMOs during production.

Processed organic products do not contain artificial flavors, chemical colors, additives, and preservatives.

The meat comes from animals that are treated without antibiotics or growth hormones.

What are the advantages of organic products?

At this time, there is no scientific evidence that organic products contain more vitamins and minerals than conventional foods. However, eating organic food avoids contact with harmful products: pesticides.

Pesticides are not harmless for our bodies and our health. Some studies have shown that they play a role in the development of cancers and Parkinson’s disease for people who are often in contact with its products, such as farmers for example.

Besides, organic food products are often in the season, picked at maturity, so they have more taste.

“Eating organic” does not mean “Eating balanced”.

Some people think that all organic foods are healthy, good for you. Some people think that all organic foods are healthy, good for your health. But it is important to understand that organic products are not fat-free, sugar-free. Bjorg cakes filled with milk chocolate are as sweet as Prince chocolate taste (some french famous chocolate taste biscuits).
Eating organic does not mean eating a balanced diet! There are organic products that are good for your health: fruit, vegetables, cereal products, and organic products that should be eaten in moderation: cookies, rice cakes, etc. And to eat balanced, you don’t need organic food.
Organic foods are different in terms of their production 😉

The opinion of the dietician

“Are organic products better for your health? My answer is yes! Eating organic fruits and vegetables allows you to avoid ingesting pesticides that are dangerous for your health. Wholegrain foods such as non-organic wholegrain bread are particularly rich in pesticides. But, beware, eating organic food does not mean that this food is to be consumed without limit. Just as in traditional food, you must vary and diversify your diet.“
What do you think about it? Feel free to leave your opinion as a comment!

Article written by Amélie, dietician nutritionist.


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