Breakfast is an essential meal of the day, right after a nocturnal fast which is relatively long (7 to 10 hours) and before an activity-filled day. Therefore, it has two major roles : to break the fast (hence the name) and to provide energy for the morning activities.

A good breakfast allows you to be more focused and to stay alert but it also helps maintain your body weight by preventing hunger and snacking in the morning.

What is a healthy breakfast ?

A healthy breakfast should include at least these three elements :

1. A drink (hot or cold), be it tea, herbal tea, fruit juice or even coffee. Milk doesn’t count as a drink. A drink during breakfast helps rehydrate your body after the nocturnal fast.

2. Carbs provides long-term energy and helps recover from the nocturnal fast. Try to avoid industrial products such as breakfast-type cookies, cereals, cake and pastries because they’re often full of sugar and fats. Go for bread or musli instead, it’s delicious !

3. A dairy product because it helps with satiety and to reach the daily calcium intake.

In addition to these three elements, you can eat a fruit, an egg, meat or fish, fat (such as butter) and a high sugar product as well.

A high quality breakfast prevents you from feeling hungry and snacking in the morning. Proteins provided by meats and dairy as well as the fibers provided by carbs and fruits have a satiety effect.

Here are some examples of well-balanced breakfasts :

– A bowl of musli mixed with yogurt and fruits bites, a cup of coffee.
– Two slices of bread with butter and jam (with moderation) served with a bowl of milk and a cup of tea.
– Two scrambled eggs toasts with orange juice and a yogurt.

Article written by Alex Zhang, student in nutrition