Indian prawn curry

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Preparation time: 25 minutes

This curry is a complete joy. As well as being seriously tasty, it’s good for you, too. Prawns are packed with vitamin B12, which is what keeps metabolic functions in your body going, so that your cells can use the energy from the food you eat. Plus, spinach is super-high in vitamin K, which keeps our bones healthy. Coming in at under half an hour, this is a quick and easy weeknight supper that ticks all the boxes and promises big on flavour. Enjoy! ” Jamie Oliver


– 1 clove of garlic
– 1 red onion
– 3 inches of a piece of ginger
– 1 fresh green chilli
– 7 oz ripe tomatoes
– 6,2 oz basmati rice
– vegetable oil
– 1 teaspoon black mustard seeds
– 1½ teaspoons garam masala
– ¾ teaspoon ground turmeric
– 4,2 oz large raw peeled tiger prawns , from sustainable sources
– 7 oz tin of light coconut milk
– 4,4 oz baby spinach
– 1 lime


1. Fill a medium pan with salted water, place over a high heat and bring to a boil.

2. Peel and finely slice the garlic and onion, then peel and finely grate the ginger. Halve and deseed the chilli, then finely slice. Roughly chop the tomatoes.

3. Add the rice to the boiling water and cook for 10 minutes, or until tender. Drain in a sieve, then return to the warm pan, cover with a lid and set aside off the heat.

4. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a medium pan over a medium heat, add the mustard seeds, garam masala and turmeric, then fry for 1 minute. Add the onion, garlic and ginger, then fry for 10 minutes, or until softened. Add the chilli, tomatoes and a splash of water, then turn the heat up and cook for a further 3 minutes.

5. Next, add the prawns and coconut milk, bring to the boil then reduce the heat slightly and simmer gently for 3 to 4 minutes, or until the prawns are just cooked. Stir through the spinach and cook for a further 1 to 2 minutes until the spinach has wilted.

6. Divide the rice between plates. Season the prawn curry to taste with salt, black pepper and a squeeze of lime juice, then ladle the curry onto the rice. Serve with the remaining lime, cut into wedges for squeezing over.


Recipe from Super Food Family Classics by Jamie Oliver

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