Bulking up is a period through which athletes binge eat and workout to gain weight and increase muscle mass. The success of any bulking program is based on a healthy and appropriate diet, regular training and sufficient recovery time. In this article we will explore a variety of different foods that anyone can incorporate into their diet to achieve maximum results.


Here are some rules to follow while increasing your muscle mass :

1.The daily calories consumed must be higher than the calories expended.
Increase your dietary intake by replenishing foods high in protein and carbohydrates. The body needs a surplus of calories to be able to recover effectively after workouts hermes replica jewelry and to build muscle mass.

2. Consume foods high in protein.
Proteins allow the construction of muscle fibers. They are essential to each meal when trying to gain muscle.

3. Consume enough carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates are essential to gaining mass. They provide the energy needed to train and build muscles.
Insufficient carbohydrate intake is responsible for depletion of muscle glycogen stocks. This exhaustion results in severe muscle aches and decreased performance.

4. Fraction your meals
You may choose several small meals a day. Generally 3 main courses and 3 snacks.

5. Vitamins A, C and E are essential.
Sports increase oxidative stress. Antioxidants are essential to fight excess free radicals.


Consider combining these foods with regular training and recovery.

Finally, make sure your sleep quality is sufficient as sleep is not only important to your body’s recovery but it’s also vital to gaining muscle mass. In addition, when sleeping, growth hormones and testosterone are released to participate in the growth and recovery of muscle tissue.

Gaining muscle mass is a process of repetition, following the rules outlined in this article, motivation and dedication. Anyone can achieve optimal results so long as they create a plan and stick to it.

Article written by Amélie Vincent, dietitian
Source : http://fr.myprotein.com/