How to detox your body ?

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The principles of detoxification

Detoxification, as its name suggests, is a way of removing toxins from the body when it is overloaded.

What toxins are we talking about?

Our body is confronted with the attack of substances that can become toxic to the body if they are in excess. This can come from air pollution, pesticides, food additives, excess sugar, saturated fat, alcohol, heavy metals. Every year we must help our body to cope by carrying out a major clean-up.

Which parts of the body are concerned?

Our filtration system passes through 5 so-called “emonctory” organs
-The liver
-The kidneys
-The skin
-The intestines
-The lungs

These 5 organs have the ability to filter through their own ways.

The liver

Is a filter organ par excellence. It uses bile ducts to recycle and transform molecules to evacuate them. It filters alcohol, drugs and fats and becomes greasy when not cleaned. If the liver is too fat, it becomes less effective, leading to fatigue, overweight, nausea, insomnia and intolerance to caffeine and alcohol.

The kidneys

They remove toxins via the urine, which can then be “loaded”. They become darker and have strong smell, indicating an overload of molecules to be treated for the body, which needs drainage.

The skin

It is through the pores of the skin that toxins will be removed through sebum and perspiration. The more oily, acneic and sweaty the skin is, the more unwanted toxins there are. It’s a sign that it’s time for detox.

The gut

Their role is to remove unwanted substances from the body. If the transit is too slow, there is stagnation of residues in the intestines, which is very harmful. This leads to fatigue and skin problems, weight gain, and a decrease in the immune system.

The lungs

They are our coal filters, they take all the pollution, tobacco, smokes and particules. Like any filter, it must be cleaned to make it work better.

What are the symptoms of intoxication?

-Chronic fatigue
-Insomnia (especially in the middle of the night)
-Dull complexion
-Dark circles
-Stomach heaviness
-Loaded urine
-White tongue
-Bad breath
-Smelly sweat
-Acne (face, neck, shoulders, back)
-Digestive disorders
-Intolerance to caffeine, cigarettes, perfumes, alcohol

How to perform a detoxification?

To clean your emunctories you must remove some foods (see the Detox food program on our app) and drain with plants and micronutrients.
You can find the plants in capsules at your local chemistry.

The liver
Plants : Desmodium, milk thistle,, boldo
Food: black radish, artichoke, dandelion, lemon
Micronutrients to be taken as a supplement: B9, B12, magnesium, protein

The kidneys
Plants: meadow reindeer, horsetail, birch, celery, nettle
Drink plenty of water and thyme and rosemary infusion

The skin
Plants : Sage, evening primrose oil, castor oil
Micronutrients to be taken as a supplement: zinc and magnesium, omega 3
+steamroom/ sauna to remove toxins through perspiration

The intestines
Plants : Spirulina, chlorella, lithothame, activated charcoal, turmeric, ginger
Micronutrients to be taken as a supplement: Vitamin D, magnesium

The lungs
Plants : Eucalyptus, essential oils,
+sauna, steamroom.

Foodvisor’s detailed detox program allows you to complete your detox with menus for the first 3 days and then weeks by weeks.
You can follow from 1 to 4 weeks of detox according to your needs.

Article written by Elsa Orivel RD Dietician for Foodvisor

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