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In order to lose abdominal fat, it is necessary to use the stored fat.
To do this, you should bring as little sugar as possible to your body.
Once deprived of sugar, it will have to draw energy from the storage fats. There is no point in starving yourself. You can eat lean meat and vegetables in good quantities.If you fall too much into the low-calorie diet, you will not lose fat and create deficiencies that will cause you to gain weight.

Remove sugars

When you eat sugar or starchy foods in large quantities, the pancreas secretes insulin. This hormone has the role of lowering blood sugar levels. When suddenly a large amount of sugar arrives, insulin causes glucose to enter the fat cells as triglycerides (storage fat).
A few hours later, you feel like sugar again and you get tired.
This is why eating sugar or starchy foods, white bread, pasta, pizzas, pastries, sweetened drinks leads to rapid weight gain. Unless you exercice several hours a day.

Eating white pasta in the evening makes a lot of storage because there is no physical activity afterwards.

Some examples:

– If you do a lot of exercise in the afternoon, you empty the glucose stocks, so you can replenish the stock by eating pasta after.

– If you eat pasta and then go to the gym, at best you will spend the carbohydrates you just ate.

– If you eat pasta and do not exercise afterwards, the body will store glucose in the liver, if it is full, it will store it as fat.

Fasting for 16 hours once a week

When you sleep, you do not eat, after a few hours your body starts to use up fat cells to meet your vital needs (make your heart beat, digest, breathe, filter, repair, dream etc…). You wake up with a breath typical of the ketosis phase.
Ketosis is when the body no longer has sugar available, it makes replacement molecules to supply the brain. Ketone bodies, which are made from storage fats.
As soon as you eat your sugar-rich breakfast, you give fuel back to the body, which instantly stops drawing on fat.
If once or twice a week, you don’t eat anything when you wake up, but you only eat at noon, your body will continue to draw on fat. Don’t do it every day so that your body doesn’t have time to get used to it and start storing too much.

Protein breakfast

If you are very hungry in the morning, you can choose protein breakfast.
You are fooling the body again by not giving it any sugar. You eat protein and because there is no sugar, the body continues to draw from the storage fats.

Example: 1 Tea or coffee without sugar + 1 cottage cheese 0 to 3% fat + red fruits + almonds + 1 tbsp oat bran or 1 fried egg

The fatal mistake is to eat 1 bowl of sweetened industrial cereals with orange juice. Insulin levels will skyrocket to get glucose into the fat cells and behind it there is reactive hypoglycemia with fatigue and craving. The famous sugar craving of the morning.

Lower the cortisol level

When you are stressed or your body feels stress or aggression (cold, hot, too much physical activity, fear, anxiety, pressure, lack of time, etc.) there is a cortisol secretion.

Cortisol is a hormone that helps you cope with stress but stores fat in your belly.
If stress situations are daily, abdominal fat tissue will tend to increase, sometimes very quickly.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands (small endocrine glands located above the kidneys). When it is exhausted, we call it “burn-out”. Eating too much sugar will create hormonal fluctuations that can be experienced as stress by the body. The same applies to all food excesses, tobacco, alcohol, fast foods.

In order to reduce corticol secretion, it is necessary to avoid stress, to have moments of relaxation, yoga, meditation, massages, hot bath, freescreens times .
There are molecules to support the body such as magnesium, zinc, rhodiola (a plant that acts on cortisol levels), omega 3. You will find omega 3 in fatty fish, salmon, sardines, mackerel etc…
Zinc is found in oysters and red meat, rather than animal products. Magnesium rather in mineral waters (400mg of magnesium per day is required)
Do not hesitate to take a small course of food supplements. This will have a beneficial effect on your abdominal fat.

Do a physical activity like HIIT

In order to lose abdominal fat, the body must be forced to draw on its reserves.
For this there are 2 solutions:

-Exercise of low intensity like walking for a long time . The body draws glycogen (stored glucose) from the liver and muscles and then after 1h30 it starts to draw from the storage fats (triglycerides). Hiking is therefore a choice activity, excellent for your health but requires time.

-An intense but very short exercise. Like HIIT (High intensity interval training). You do very intense exercises for 30 seconds then 1 minute break. Do this 20 minutes 3 times a week. Crunches are required to tone up your stomach, but also work out shoulders and back, because the stronger the back is , the more the abs are helped and the stomach becomes flatter. To strengthen your back, you can do weight training, swimming, yoga, pilates.

If you do cardio it will not work at all because it raises the level of cortisol that makes abdominal fat. Running 20/30 minutes at a good pace is excellent for heart maintenance and can cause you to lose weight at first. But when the body gets used to this activity, it doesn’t really require much effort and it doesn’t take fat away.

In Conclusion

In order to lose abdominal fat, it is necessary to act in a targeted way. There is no point in jogging every day and eating 1200 kcal to lose weight, it is exhausting for the body and not very effective, which leads to a motivation drop.
You have to control your food intake, eat at the right time and reduce stress absolutely. A low sugar diet is to be preferred, such as the Low Carb programme.

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Written by Elsa Registered Dietician at Foodvisor

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