Some foods are more or less superfluous and our diet may be balanced, but if we removed them, we could lose weight quickly and effortlessly.

By removing these unnecessary foods from your daily routine, you maintain a balanced diet rich in vegetables and lean protein. There is no need to remove them forever, only during the weight loss phase. This allows you to keep normal, not especially low-calorie meals.

1 – Sweets

They are not essential and their daily consumption causes many problems.
They impact weight, risk of diabetes, dental caries, mood, depression, addiction. Sugar in all its forms is superfluous. These products are called “empty calories”: They do not contain any interesting nutrients and are excessively caloric and rich in sugar.

It is good to reduce the consumption of spreads, pastries, chocolate bars, sugars in yoghurt, and soft drinks etc…. No more than 20g of sugar per day or 1 glass of orange juice. You can maintain a consumption frequency of once a month. The first few days without sugars are hard, especially for those with an addiction, but after that you feel less and less like it. They say it takes 3 weeks without sugars to stop being addicted:)

2- Bread

For a long time, bread has held an essential place in the diet because it is very rich in carbohydrates. At a time when manual labour was going well, it was the ideal food. It is ideal for those who work hard all day long (work in the fields, construction, handling etc.). What can we say these days? Sedentary living is the new way of life and bread is therefore becoming far too nutritious. It is not necessary to eat it at every meal, especially if you want to lose weight. You can keep 2 slices of wholemeal bread in the morning for your daily fibers.

3- Cold meats

A small platter of deli meats as an aperitif? This does not shock anyone because it has been common currency since the time of the Gauls. Except that you haven’t been seen lifting a menhir in a long time and these foods are excessively rich for someone who is rather sedentary.
Deli meats were the main reason for keeping meat in salt when refrigerators did not exist. But nowadays, it is becoming unreasonable to consume deli meats on a daily basis. Try to reduce deli boards and platters on a daily basis. Once a month is a more reasonable pace especially for those who pay attention to their shape.

4- Cheese

And yes, the endless cheese platter before dessert… a very French tradition.
Cheese is a fairly complete food, it contains good quality protein and in quantity. However, the fat content can sometimes be very high.
The least fat is fresh goat cheese.
Enjoy a good piece of cheese 2 or 3 times a month but not on a daily basis. You will lose weight by removing saturated fats.

5- Alcohol

I know what you’re going to say, if we take away the pastries, bread, cheese, pâté and alcohol, we’re no longer French! But if we look at it, the goal is not to ban these foods forever.
The principle is to enjoy them all more because they are consumed a little less often.

The daily consumption of alcohol is not recommended for your health and is also a significant source of sugar and calories.
It is more reasonable not to buy all these products in your usual shopping, but keep your cheat meal once a week.

As part of a dietary rebalancing, learn to integrate them at the right frequency without feeling frustrated.

Good to know

1 portion of cheese = 30 to 40g = 17% saturated fatty acids
1 portion of bread = 50g = 139kcal = 27.5g of carbohydrates
1 Beer pint = 200 kcal
1 piece of 100g pâté = 145 mg cholesterol (50% of RDAs)

Article written by Elsa, dietician at Foodvisor