As summer approaches, many decide that it’s time to shed the extra weight they’ve accumulated throughout the winter festivities. In many cases, people opt for diets at random, simply for the fact that they mention phrases that align with their goals. But it’s important to note that everyone is different and selecting a diet should involve acknowledging these differences with respect to topics like metabolism and lifestyles choices.

The Premium version of the Foodvisor Nutrition App helps with the selection process by offering several diets based on your profile specifications. One example is the the Low Carb Diet. Amelie, one of Foodvisor’s dietitians, will help you determine if this diet is appropriate for you and your goals. Whether these goals involve simply losing weight and curbing your food cravings or taking on a new health oriented approach to life, Amelie will help you learn the basics of what is best for you prior to embarking on the Low Carb Diet or any other diet.


The Low Carb diet, as the name suggests, is a diet involving low intake of carbohydrates with a high intake of fats. Carbohydrates are the sugars, fibers and starches found in fruits, grains, vegetables and milk products while fats are made up of different fatty acids including saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated, some of which are good for your health.

With this diet, the possibility of losing weight quickly increases with the added bonus not feeling starved. This is because portion sizes can remain relatively the same as before the diet; therefore the calorie intake stays the same unlike other low calorie diets. The only real changes involve the content of your meal and your personal eating habits.

More specifically, if you choose to take on the Low Carbs Diet, it’s important to:

– Reduce your consumption of raw, cooked or dried fruits, starchy foods including rice, pasta, potatoes and bread as well as sweets.

– Increase your intake of foods with a high fat content including butter, cream, vegetable oils, cheese, fatty fish, eggs, deli meats, lupins, almonds, hazelnuts, flax seeds, pecan nuts, and more.

It’s important to note that it’s unnecessary to remove all carbohydrates from your diet. You only need to keep the best ones.


– A Low Carb Diet can lead to rapid weight loss. When your body is deprived of carbohydrates, it’s forced to fall back on stored body fat. In doing so, your body will burn the stored fat in order to generate energy.

– Absent or minimal appetite.

– Sugar cravings become relatively non-existent after just a few weeks.


– The Low Carb Diet isn’t for everyone!

It’s not recommended for children, adolescents and seniors who require a specialized and balanced diet.
Athletes should avoid this diet because their bodies need the excess carbs in order to generate energy effectively, otherwise the deficiency will affect their performance during exercise. But don’t fret! We have several diets catered specifically to athletes within the app. If you’re interested look into the Sports Diets section.

– To regulate your cholesterol, the prefered fats to choose from are unsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids typically found found in fish, avocado, olive oil, and oleaginous fruits like almonds and hazelnuts. On the contrary, be sure to limit the bad fats which are generally found in butter and fatty meats.

– Finally, despite the likely increases of protein intakes with the Low Carb Diet, moderation is key because too much protein will overwork your kidneys!

Are you feeling ready to take on the Low Carb Diet?! If so, open up the Foodvisor App and get started!