6 Tips to Have a Dream Body this Summer

Beautiful and warm days are coming and holidays are ahead! It’s time to get up and do a little summer fitness. In this article you will find some training tips that you can apply to your summer routine. Even if you don’t personally mirror what you see in magazines, you shouldn’t worry! These exercises will help you to sculpt and tone your body so that you can look and feel great!


For a quick and symmetrical body sculpting, it helps to engage in exercises that target several muscles groups at the same time. Working multiple muscle groups simultaneously allows you to achieve the ideal beach body faster by increasing the amount of calories you burn.

Here are some examples of exercises:

– Push-ups: These are one of the best exercises anyone can do. For beginners, don’t hesitate to start on your knees. If done properly, push-ups can work the entire chest and pectoral area as well as biceps and forearm.
– Lunges: Another basic yet effective exercise is the lunge. Lunges allow you to target the key areas of your lower body including glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings and hip flexors.
– Plank: This exercise targets your core abdominal region and helps to achieve a toned and flat stomach! Time yourself!


Getting fit does not require hours of training everyday! The key to achieving the results you desire is concentration. Stay involved when you do an exercise. When you place more focus on form and the task at hand, the quicker the results.
Do yourself a favor and put your phone away! Don’t let it distract you or your workout progress will suffer!?


Not quite divine but still a miracle worker!
The plank is a very useful exercise for those who wish tone-up their core muscles. Along with a balanced diet, planks are the ideal task geared toward a flat stomach.

There are many variations of the plank. Each makes it possible to target a precise core muscle-zones as well as the lower-lumbar region and other back muscles. Variation is important so don’t forget to switch up the type of plank you’re doing in order to target both abdominal and back muscles evenly.


Take advantage of the great outdoors. The weather is most beautiful during the summer so don’t restrict yourself to the indoors. Go jogging in the forest, by the beach or even on the water’s edge. Improvise and make things interesting to keep yourself motivated!?


Summer is considered one of the hottest times of the year. The heat causes us to perspire and to expel our internal water reserves so it’s important to drink plenty of water. This is especially important when exercising. Drink water before, during and after exercises. The ideal amount to sustain regular performance is a few sips every 10-15 minutes.

If your training lasts for more than an hour, you can boost your energy by adding grape juice or other natural fruit juices to your water bottle. A ⅛ dilution is perfect for a quick carb boost so keep a small bottle of juice on hand. Most importantly, while working out you should avoid energy drinks and alcohol at all costs.


In order to achieve the ideal body, it is necessary to combine fitness with a good diet.

Thirty minutes after your workout, you’ll need a snack to fuel your body through the recovery process! This snack should contain carbohydrates to restore your energy, proteins to repair micro-lesions of muscle tissue, and alkaline minerals like fruits rich in vitamin C as well as vegetables and nuts, all of which contribute to stamina and your immune system.

My personal favorite post-workout snack is a strawberry-banana milkshake.

This summer keep all of this information in mind when getting ready to exercise. So get up, grab your sneakers, a bottle of water and head to the beach!

Article written by Amélie Vincent, dietitian

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