5 tips to stay fit during the holiday season

If you are afraid of gaining weight because of the excess of Christmas treats, here are 5 tips to enjoy New Year’s Eve while keeping your body shape! 🎅🏼

1- Anticipate by paying attention to your diet before the holidays.

Don’t buy any more cheese, deli meats, bread and alcohol during the 15 days before the holiday season.

2- Make the good swaps.

More oysters and salmon than foie gras. More turkey with chestnuts than glazed duck breast.
A full basket of oranges will be your chocolate box 😂

3- Don’t forget the boose’s calories

Avoid drinking alcohol outside family meals to stay within a reasonable quota. Keep 2 alcohol-free consecutive days in the week . As a reminder, alcohol provides 7kcal per g and especially sugar. (106 kcal for a glass of red wine and 204 kcal for a pint of beer)🍺

4- Between two holiday meals, take the opportunity to eat less.

Make a vegetable broth in the evening and raw vegetables with a little lean meat for lunch.

5- Start a detox in January to start well the new year.

There’s nothing like a good first resolution to build your motivation. Detoxification eliminates toxins, bad fats that are clogged in the liver. The best way to shred the extra winter pounds !

Discover Foodvisor‘s detox program from January on!

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