5 Tips for Liver Detox

The liver is the largest filter in the body. It filters fats, sugars, alcohol and medicines but it also operates a large number of chemical reactions that require a lot of nutrients.
When the liver is clogged, fat or lacking nutrients, it cannot operate its vital functions.

This causes different symptoms:

-a great fatigue,
-weight gain,
-a mental fog,
-acne (chest and shoulders),
-poor skin complexion with dark circles
-bad breath
-digestive disorders
-difficulty bearing alcohol and smells (nausea)
-midnight insomnia (3am)

If you experience at least 3 of these symptoms then it’s time to do a liver detox! You can help your liver by consuming certain foods and nutrients:

1 / Vegetables:

-Black radish

Eat these vegetables regularly as they have known benefits for the liver and provide it with what it needs.

2/Proteins :


Good quality proteins will allow the liver to cleanse the body. They provide the necessary elements for the 2 phases of Hepatic Detox:

Phase 1: The liver transforms the elements into smaller but sometimes more toxic compounds.
Phase 2: Small toxic compounds are transformed into molecules to rebuild other elements that are more useful to the body.

3/ Vitamins and minerals:

-B9 contributes to the methylation mechanism essential for liver function. It is found in green cabbage (folates)
-B12 that is found in meat mainly
-NAC or N-actecyl-cysteine is an amino acid that stimulates the production of glutathione, a very important antioxidant for liver detox. It is produced by the body when dietary intakes are well balanced and rich in amino acids (proteins).
-Magnesium, zinc, selenium are cofactors that participate in chemical reactions in the liver.
Eat almonds, Brazil nuts and oysters to get enough minerals.

4/Plants in infusion or capsules :


These plants contain powerful active ingredients that stimulate liver detoxification. They are consumed as herbal teas and infusions or as capsules to be taken for a few days.

5/Water to filter:

-Remove alcohol, juices, sodas that weigh down the liver and make it work
-Drink still or sparkling water
Bicarbonate-rich waters, such as naturally carbonated waters, lower the body’s acidity and help the liver digest meals.
Add the juice of half a lemon to increase the detoxifying effect from the properties of the lemon.

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Article written by Elsa Orivel RD Dietician

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